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A Dark Dawn (8. May 2014)

This little game was made for Fuck This Jam 2014.

Fuck This Jam 2014 (May 31st - June 6th, 2014) is a gamejam that challenges you to make a game in a genre you hate. As developers, we're all being told to make games we love playing, or games we love making. Genres we know the in and outs of, genres that we research before starting on a game. We ask you to do one simple thing: spend one week making a game in a genre you dislike, a genre you don't care about and a genre you don't know about.

At the time the YouTube channel retsupurae regularly featured shoddy games made in Unity that claimed to be “works of art”. With A Dark Dawn I played on that formula and made something which you’d now call a walking simulator. With, frankly, way to much text. Albeit deliberately ;)

The original itch.io page is still up.. But good luck getting this thing to run with the defunct Unity web player. There is also a binary for Linux (and only for Linux), which - I think - was also part of the joke. The source code is also still up on Github, if you want to peek into it.