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Finally releasing a thing I worked on for months without much fanfare (25. July 2023)

Back in 2020 I had a lot of free time on my hands. I had been working hard on my master’s thesis during that year’s summer as well, which did also take a huge chunk of time. But apart from that, there weren’t really many other opportunities outside of my own four walls to waste time on. So I’d also work on a small game project on the side. It was nothing special really. Just a 2D top down shooter. Add to that the fact that I enjoyed the details of engine programming a lot more than the actual game design portion, and you get a game that is fun, but nothing special. Nevertheless, the fact that there wasn’t much else going on I grew quite fond of the game. Hell, I even imagined selling it for a teensy tiny price at some point. Looking back that was a little preposterous, but there you go :)

So once things got a little more normal the game sat, unfinished as it was, waiting to be completed released one day. I think that day now came, because over the last year I’d fixed up the remaining issues and tied the whole thing together such that it has a coherent start and finish. With a cool bossfight and outro and everything.

So I guess the moral of the story is that the project has now arrived in reality. Where it is just one of thousands of games like it, but this one is mine :) Oh. And also it is online at all, which is also an improvement to before where it was just a bunch of code, images and music on my harddrives.

You can find the game on its dedicated project page: https://janw.name/projects/codo/. Or on itch.io: https://klockenschooster.itch.io/codo