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Ephemeral Downloads (19. September 2019)

This is just a quick tipp. I added the following line to my /etc/fstab file:

tmpfs /home/jan/Downloads tmpfs rw,nodev,noexec,size=1G 0 0

It mounts my downloads directory onto an in-memory filesystem. This effectively makes my downloads only stay in RAM. I had the problem in the past that this directory would balloon in size because I’d never clean it. Now it will always be cleaned on reboot because RAM can’t hold data without being powered.

It has some other useful side effects too. As you may noticed there are some other flags added to the mount. nodev is obvious. noexec makes it impossible to execute anything in this folder. When I’m downloading binaries in order to execute them I want to force myself into moving them somewhere else first. Also while writing this… nosuid is kinda redundant now, isn’t it? Oh well.

The size is limited to a single gigabyte. Larger files should likely be archived somewhere else directly, because I don’t want to download those multiple times. Is is no problem, by the way, to overprovision the mount’s size. It does not reserve the full size on memory, but it grows dynamically. Therefore you could extend this idea onto many more mountpoints.

Theoretically this is also a great solution should your net-connection be faster than your hard drive’s write speed. But I live in Germany so this isn’t something I’d need to ever worry about lol.