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Singleplayer mappack for Quake 1.

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Help a horde of zombie ducks attack forest animals. Each killed animal spawns more ducks to help with your quest. The game is controlled solely with the mouse (or with the touchscreen if you play on Android).


Source code is available on the game’s git repository.



A top down shooter in which you battle through 4 levels. Your mission is to save all the hostages in the level by bringing them to the “disconnection station”. The game never got its final polish and still lacks a real bossfight. It is, however, quite playable already.

The story goes as follows: Some people got trapped in the cyber world and now you, the Cybernator, have to help them.




Source code is available on the game’s git repository.

A Dark Dawn


Made in 2014 for Fuck This Jam.


Needs to be ported to a newer Unity version first…

Source code is available on the game’s git repository.

Death Typer

A zombie shooter with a twist. Shooting requires you to type a text. Each character of the text equals one fired bullet. But your two-hand typing technique won’t help you a bit! You’ll also have to use your mouse to aim. Can you type quickly enough with only one free hand?? Find it out in this unique zombie shooter.

Originally made in 2013. Semi-Regularly updated to newer Unity versions.


Anti-Smoke Man

A 2D platformer in which you battle through levels filled with evil cigarettes. The game was made as a school project for an anti-smoking competition. There originally was music but I can’t include it in the download because I’d get sued. If you want the original feel, put on the soundtrack to Unreal Gold alongside the game.

Fun fact: The only reason you have a gun is that young me could not figure out how to implement the Mario-like “jumping on heads” mechanic.


very very old

Outer Earth Arena

It is basically asteroids. Still, its one of the first ever playable and fun games I made.

FYI: There are to versions of the game. oea_bin.exe gives you the version with audiere.dll powered music. oea_web.exe is slightly stripped and without músic. The second one works better in Wine.


Raum Race

My oldest “game” for which I still have the original .exe. Your mission is to protect a spaceship from the aliens moving about in space. Click on them to make them disappear. If any alien touches your spaceship you loose points.

The original version was made in 2006. I slightly retouched it back in 2012. If I remember correctly it was meant as a demo for a much more ambitious game.

Fun fact: If my english back then would have been any better, the game’s name would likely be “Space Race”.




Cue was a top down shooter. It kind of lives on in the Cybernator game, but it had a much larger focus on platforming gameplay.

Fun fact: The models were UV mapped to exactly fit Minecraft skins. This was done so that a SkinEdit tool could be repurposed for the game.


This was an abstract horror game. In fact, it was somewhat of an atmospheric walking simulator slightly before the term got used. The game featured all the horror game tropes. It had basements, cityscapes with evil factories looming in the background, derelict buildings and dream-like scenery.


The first game I ever made. I WISH I’d still have a version of this around but it seems to be lost forever. Back then I used Game Maker 6 for everything. The game itself was a vertical scrolling space shooter. You had to fight your way through an ever increasing amount of asteroids headed your way.

Maybe I’ll get around to remake this game. Maybe even in Game Maker 6…

Fun fact: The name is ripped from some episode of Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends.